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Crystal Deichert

There are many things about me that make me unique and different from other healers, and I believe it is a combination of my various training, accomplishment of self-actualization in my own life, and the higher frequencies I carry that allow me to help people in the way that I do.  

I have been trained as a mental health professional with additional training in trauma-informed care, severe and persistent mental illness, diagnostic differentiation, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Yet no matter how much training I received; I still saw all my clients as human.  Each working through a human moment in their life, regardless of the diagnosis.  I begin to identify my ideal client as “human.”  

Crystal Deichert

As my awareness evolved beyond what is considered psychotherapy, I began learning to help others heal on deeper levels. I enhanced my knowledge of the mind-body connection, mental causes for physical ailments, and the role our inner parts, such as our inner child, have on how our physical body, or machine, is designed to run. I also became connected with dolphin energy, more information about this incredible part of my journey is available below. As well as, embraced my natural ability of being clairsentient or having the ability to feel other people's feelings and help put them into words. 

During my journey of discovering, I began bringing conscious awareness to how much I am like a crystal. I can help people clear their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. With all of this, I am able to help people heal in more ways than traditional therapy allows, and so I have expanded my services to encompass more of what makes a person whole. Nurturing their mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal Deichert

Learn more about my journey

Creating a New World

As I stand in this dreamlike state, my mind’s eye sees myself encompassed by a golden rainbow energy. One that flows around me, through me, and beyond me. I realize the world I have always lived in is not the one I have to stay in. I know that my new world exists, but only
when I create it. The things I have learned, valued, and believed were only a portion of the world I lived in.
“From embracing what is within, understanding what is without, and learning to bring balance and harmony to both, I can create a whole new world,” I realized.

After that moment of embracing this golden rainbow energy, my new world was birthed. Although there are many peaks and valleys, it has been a remarkable journey of discovery, acceptance, and fulfillment. Peaks and valleys are neither good nor bad, they just are. They are balance. They are harmony. They are what makes our journey memorable.

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