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Crystal has worked in the mental health field for 10+ years with people of all ages. She has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy, and is Licensed as a Professional Counselor.  She has received additional training in  Synergetic Play Therapy for Children, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for all ages, the Mind-Body Connection, Dolphin Energy Healings, and mental causes for physical illnesses.  She has worked with clients who experience symptoms from all diagnoses.  She has provided training in Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid to over 500 participants.   

I Believe...

Life is a river of rushing rapids and tranquil ponds, each providing new experiences and perspectives.  The older I get the more I learn about the importance of  adapting to change, working through road blocks, and healing ourselves.  This increases our love for who we are, the joy we experience, and the happiness in our lives.

I am grateful for my natural ability to connect with people.  I believe that relationship and connection are valuable things.  In a therapeutic setting, these create an environment for healing, growth, and genuine exploration.  I appreciate the opportunity to create a space to help people become better humans.  As humans we all make mistakes, that is not what is important.  What is important is how we learn, grow, and develop from those mistakes.

I feel that I have a bit of a different approach to therapy, as I focus on getting unstuck rather than analyzing the problems.  Enhancing our abilities to heal ourselves and take control of our lives.  I enjoy finding unique ways to help people increase confidence, achieve higher goals, and feel empowered to live the life they were meant to live.  

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