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How To Be Happier Using Holistic Healing

Holistic has become quite a buzzword lately, but it is an ancient concept.  The definition of holistic is simply the treatment of the whole person.  This refers to all aspects of a person- mind, body, and spirit.  It encompasses the relationship between thoughts, beliefs, social interactions and experiences.   As humans these different aspects manifest as problems in our lives.  Sometimes as physical or mental health problems, and other times as repeated patterns that surface in someone’s life.

Who provides Holistic Healing

Since holistic healing encompasses many aspects of life and different approaches are needed for everyone, there are providers available in many different professions.  For example, as a therapist I have worked with people whose mental and physical health are directly connected to their diet and eating habits.  Connecting them with a naturopath, who can educate on foods and herbs that will help their body begin to heal itself, will be a much more effective treatment for them than us working on addressing their depression/anxiety symptoms in a therapy session.  In this case these symptoms are a result from a main problem (diet) and not the main problem.  In addition, I have worked with many people who have physical ailments that doctors are unable to find the problem, and many times through our work it is a mental health problem that is manifesting in their physical being.

What is Holistic Psychotherapy

In psychotherapy, termed holistic psychotherapy, the therapist is educated on how to differentiate symptoms, and has the ability to see the whole person in a way that therapist trained in other modalities may not see.   Holistic psychotherapy is an integrated approach focused on beings having interconnected emotions, physical feelings, thoughts and spiritual feelings.  The result is people gain a deeper understanding of themselves that isn’t compartmentalized.  It increases self-awareness, confidence, and self-acceptance.

How Can Holistic Healing Make You Happier

There are many ways we become disconnected from ourselves a humans, which is why I appreciate a holistic approach.  My client’s come to me for help with the mind-body connection, inner child work, and, essentially, ways for their soul/spirit to be acknowledged and brought to the front of their life.  Resulting in them living the life they were meant to live.  This includes working through layers of times they were shut down or not allowed to be themselves causing fear, anxiety, depression, and trauma.  Although this is my holistic approach, there are many fabulous therapists whose primary focus is on trauma, neurobiology, pain management, self-care, and brain processing.

Now is a great time to open your mind to find ways to grow and shine into the amazing individuals that we are as this inevitably results in living a happier life with a purpose.  If you find yourself wishing you were getting more out of life or out of services you’re receiving, Click Here to schedule a free 20 min consultation to see if Holistic Healing is right for you.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment visit www.CrystalDeichert.com or click here.  Also TherapyDen.com is a marvelous directory that allows psychotherapists to select holistic psychotherapy as their modality making it very easy to search and find a holistic therapist in your area.

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