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Trick Your Brain To Make Every Day A Vaca

Research continues to confirm that our brain cannot differentiate between what is happening in real life versus through mental imagery.  Mental imagery is a technique frequently practiced with athletes to improve muscle memory, mental toughness, and injury recovery.  It is also utilized for spiritual healing and mental health modalities, as a channel to let go of your current state, including thoughts and feelings, to help healing by regulate physical and mental symptoms.


There are many positive side effects from engaging in mindfulness activities.  Practicing mental imagery increases your mental toughness and resiliency by allowing you to be in control of your feelings rather than your feelings controlling you. It is recommend that you use these tips to mental imagery to increase your ability to relax, release tension, stress, and worries to recenter yourself.  Please seek out professional support in learning mental imagery if you are wanting to process through traumatic experiences and/or other intense mental health symptoms. 


First thing you want to do is find a space where you feel safe and can focus.  Some prefer a quiet spot, while others prefer listening to music.  All that matters is that it feels right for you!  Feeling safe, or grounded, in your environment is essential, so you can close your eyes and focus on where your going.

Then you go to your place.  It can be anywhere you want!  Let your heart be your guide.  As you discover your place (whether unfamiliar or familiar), check in with all of your senses.  What do you see?  Hear? Smell? Taste? Touch or Feel?

Allow your senses to have your focus!


No! Everyone can do it!  It is as simple as remembering a memory and allowing yourself to settle in and immerse yourself in the experience.  Being able to allow yourself to be in the moment can take practice, since it is like a muscle where the more you use it, the better you are at using it.

ADVANCED TIPS              

The more you “turn your mind off” to thoughts, judgments, to do’s, should do’s, etc, the more realistic it will become as your senses have the freedom to explore freely.

Go deeper when you ask more in depth questions to your senses.  For example, if you are just wanting to relax, maybe you go to a field where you can see flowers. To go deeper, you go to a field to see flowers, and then you identify the distinct smell of your favorite flower and you see how the cool breeze gently sways the flower and lifts the smell over to you.  Just like immersing yourself into your favorite character in a novel, the more you immerse yourself into the details of your image the more your brain will receive the benefits.


For those who enjoy being by the beach, you can participate in my FREE meditation with Dolphin Energy.  This is a space where you can go deeper into yourself with the support of the loving and joyous frequency of the dolphins.  This allows you to get the physical experience of immersing your senses along with the spiritual healing of immersing your spirit.  For more information go to www.crystaldeichert.com and click on “Upcoming Events.”

Crystal Deichert LPC, of Positive Assist, offers a full suite of counseling and holistic services for those wishing to get unstuck and move forward in their lives.  She is trained in several evidence-based modalities and holistic approaches to help her clients see their barriers through their soul’s perspective allowing them to break free and fly. If you’d like to discover your true self, you can schedule a free consultation at www.crystaldeichert.com, by calling 720.767.1994, or emailing [email protected].  Check me out on Facebook at Crystal Deichert LPC

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