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Dolphin Dreams

As I spend more time working with dolphin energy, I hear more stories about people's experiences with dolphins.  It is always interesting to hear, because they are all so unique!  Some have experiences with dolphins in their physical body, others with dolphins in their energetic body, and sometimes both!  Yet, there is something about all of the stories that has a similarity to them. I'm still working on finding words to describe this, but I am always left with a "dolphin buzz" after sharing stories with someone.  

This past weekend I was working alongside a phenomenal man, Roy Neal, at a holistic fair.  He is an Astrological Evaluator, and as we were talking he shared a poem he had written about his experience swimming with dolphins.  He was grieving the loss of his son when he went to swim with the dolphins .

My Dolphin Experience - by Roy Neal

I am a spiritual dolphin

I ride the waves of joy and happiness

I invite my kindred soul family out to sing, dance, and play with me

We frolic ecstatically with timeless abandon in the infinite oceans of the cosmic heart

I am so grateful for him allowing me to share this, because I know when I began my dolphin journey I felt alone and without a "pod."   The more people I meet who are connected with this beautiful energy, the more I know that I am not alone.  I also love the way that the poem finds words to help describe what it feels like to be in their magnificent energy.  

I would like to invite anyone who has a story they would like to share with me to email it to me at [email protected]!!  Also to learn more about dolphin energy, free meditations in the dolphin energy, or other services I provide, please feel free to check out my website at www.crystaldeichert.com or email them to me.

I also recommend visiting Roy's page to learn more about bringing awareness to how you can actualize your creative potential and successfully navigate the challenges being presented to you.  His website is wizzley.com/roy-neal-astrologer.  You can also learn more about him from my Resource Page

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