Creating A New World

 A Journey Toward Self-Actualization

By: Crystal Deichert MA LPC

Creating a New Worlds
Creating a New Worlds

Back of the book:
As I stand in this dreamlike state, my mind’s eye sees myself encompassed by a golden rainbow energy. One that flows around me, through me, and beyond me. I realize the world I have always lived in is not the one I have to stay in. I know that my new world exists, but only when I create it. The things I have learned, valued, and believed were only a portion of the world I lived in.

“From embracing what is within, understanding what is without, and learning to bring
balance and harmony to both, I can create a whole new world,” I realized.

After that moment of embracing this golden rainbow energy, my new world was birthed. Although there are many peaks and valleys, it has been a remarkable journey of discovery, acceptance, and fulfillment. Peaks and valleys are neither good nor bad, they just are. They are balance. They are harmony. They are what makes our journey memorable.

Author Bio:

Crystal Deichert MA MFT LPC LMHC has been helping people heal and change their lives for the last 10 years. While studying and learning various mental health modalities, including additional training in EMDR and CBT, she was called to the spiritual and subconscious parts of our human existence. She has helped hundreds learn how to work through heartache and pain to find their true essence. Allowing them to live a life that is more in line with their soul purpose. Crystal has the innate ability to transform ones challenging thoughts into purposeful experiences and spiritual encounters. Discovering what’s waiting (and wanting) to be awakened.

Crystal Deichert

Crystal Deichert

Crystal Deichert


“This book has allowed me to realize that how we see ourselves is often what drives our actions and, our actions dictate our reality whether we consciously know this or not. Once we are able to identify some of the negative core beliefs we have created for ourselves we are then able to break ourselves free from the shackles our mind has imprisoned us in. Learning to give ourselves empathy, compassion, and acceptance can help us break free from any unconscious barriers we remain stuck in.” – Cristian Palma Gutierrez

“I would have thought this work somewhat far-fetched if I'd read it without first knowing its author, but Crystal really is all that; all that these pages reveal—an inspired therapist, hilarious, open human being, and wise teacher. Her experiences give hope to all of us who care about a peaceful future for the Anthropocene.” – Callan B.

“I am grateful to have met Crystal. She has been such a blessing and a huge support in my life. She has inspired me in starting a new journey in which she's riding along with me.” – Diana Chavez LPC

“Life can be filled with unanswered questions and this book is very insightful to one whom could be wondering what connections we have with nature. This book discovers what our intuition reveals and how to strengthen your inner purpose of life!” – Dominga Martinez LCSW

“Crystal has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and perspectives, so I was very excited to be a beta reader for her book. This was my first time reading about dolphin energy, but I was immediately intrigued. Many times, my “logical” brain was not sure how to process some of the new ideas surrounding auras or energy, but they resonated in my soul and body. Crystal has truly helped me bring clarity and compassion into my day-to-day life, which has made a huge impact. I am excited for others to experience the joy she radiates and exemplifies through her book.” – Emily T.

“I've really enjoyed getting into your story and getting to know more about your journey. I felt very immersed in your life and really appreciated reading about your transformation—it felt very timely for me, personally, and I really resonated with a lot of aspects of your story.” – Catherine C.

Creating A New World is an eye-opening and powerful book that will make you feel acknowledged and inspired. Crystal shares stories from her childhood through her adult journey to self-acceptance/healing, which personally resonated with me. I highly recommend this book for people who do so much for others (you know who you are) that want to be inspired to make a meaningful change to restore balance in their lives.” – Ifeoma “Iffy” Holder

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