Healing Professionals

Therapist:  Natural Insights Counseling


Emily Cox is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who supports clients in exploring and reprocessing past traumatic experiences in order to transform their lives and find space for something new! She brings humor, connection, and authenticity into each session.

She believes that trauma is in the eye of the beholder – what is traumatic to one person may not be traumatic to another. Regardless, our nervous system reads and stores all identified trauma in a similar way.

Emily uses mind-body and trauma based therapies to support clients in healing these experiences. Talk therapy can be extremely useful but trauma is stored in our body and brains in a way that can be difficult to access. Emily often uses EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) to heal emotional and psychological wounds that seem to be stored deeply in the body and brain. The best thing about EMDR? The client is always the healer in this process. The client’s body and brain find all of the insights!

Emily has two offices: one in Wheat Ridge and one in Lakewood. She works with individuals ages 10+. Feel free to contact her for a free 15-minute consultation!


(720) 295-6680

[email protected]


Therapist: Catalyss Counseling


Shannon Heers, LPC, CACIII
Owner and Therapist with Catalyss Counseling.

Shannon Heers is the owner of Catalyss Counseling, a group counseling practice in Englewood, CO. Catalyss Counseling provides exceptional and professional counseling services to adults in the Denver area facing anxiety, grief, and trauma. We also specialize in maternal mental health issues such as birth trauma, miscarriage/pregnancy loss, and postpartum depression/anxiety.

Shannon also offers small group business consultation services at an affordable price for those private practice owners looking to improve their business skills. If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, you can contact [email protected] 

Contact info: [email protected] website: www.catalysscounseling.com phone: 303/578-6318

Soul Healing:  Randi Hughey


Randi Hughey is a psychic and clairvoyant channel with a gift of "seeing your guides and angels" with thirty years of experience in the field. She also feels blocks in auras and can teach you how to release so you can heal yourself. Her Rune interpretations speak to you of change, growth, and motivation.

She specializes in: Angelic & Past Life Readings / The Language of Faces / Seeing & Releasing Block in the Body / Reiki Master in Both Usui & Karuna / Certified Shamanic Practitioner of Navajo and other Celestial Energies

Contact her at 303-947-4397 or by email at [email protected]

Couples Counseling:  Inner Compass Counseling


At Inner Compass Counseling, our expert counselors are trained to work with a variety of relationship issues. Our counselors will be with you to support and guide you every step of the way. At Inner Compass Counseling, we specialize in working with relationships. Do you and your partner struggle to communicate?

Do you feel like your relationship has become all business and no play? Do you wonder "is this all there is"? You're not alone. Many couples experience disconnection at some point in their relationship. With our expert relationship counseling, we help you to bridge the communication gaps and create safety and connection between you and your loved one again.

Contact us a [email protected]. Website is www.innercompasscounseling.com

Massage Therapy:  Therapeutic Restoration Massage

joelJoel currently owns Therapeutic Restoration Massage where he creates individual healing plans and performs traditional massage and energy healings with personalized custom care for mind/body/spirit. As a Reiki Master/Teacher Joel performs energy healings as well as instructs individuals in becoming Reiki healers.


His inspired journey into and out of addiction gives Joel a powerful perspective and specialized strength for offering freedom and hope to others. Joel has volunteered countless hours to groups and individual coaching in the field of addiction. His infectious joy and playfulness brings energy and levity to all with whom he interacts.  

(303) 960-5728     To Book Now: https://auroracomassage.com/ 

Artist/Animal Reiki/Reiki Master/Teacher:  Karen Kliethermes


Karen Kliethermes is an visionary fine artist, illustrator, instructor, speaker, author, eco-activist, and Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner based in Denver, CO. Karen is deeply passionate about preserving the life on this planet, and her main objective is to do all that she can to contribute to the cause through her work.

Karen spends most of her time working on products that highlight the importance of our natural world, including animal portraits, animal oracle card decks, and environmentalism coloring books. Karen also collaborates with numerous non-profit organizations through live-painting animals portraits at events, and donating proceeds made from her artwork at the events to those non-profits. Karen also tries to be as eco-friendly in her business. As of now, her studio is completely run on wind-power and she uses recycled cardboard and paper in her labels and packaging!

For more information check out her website at karenkliethermes.com.

Animal Communicator - Insightful Animal Communication


Hello! My name is Reanna Driver, and I am a certified Animal Communicator. I have always loved animals and feel like I have finally found my calling with animal communication! Animals communicate telepathically through images, intentions, feelings, and words. As an animal communicator, I am able to receive these feelings and messages, and then share this information with their people. These images and feelings can help people better understand their animals and how to improve everyone's life. I telepathically and energetically connect to animals to communicate their feelings, give them messages, create divine solutions to current problems, help foster harmonious relationships between people and their animals, and much more. Some common issues that can be addressed are emotional concerns, behavioral problems, end of life questions, physical problems, and relationship concerns. I try to understand where the animal is coming from and their background to work with them and their people to create solutions that work for everyone. Often, understanding and talking about where fear or behavior stems from will help to create a solution or resolve the problem. People also like to know how their animals perceive the world and how they can improve their relationship with their animals.

If you would like to learn more, please check out my website at https://www.insightfulanimalcommunication.com/ or call me at 720-908-1160. I look forward to hearing from you!

Energy Healer - Angelia (Angie) LaRue

On December 9th 2011, at 2:00pm in the afternoon Angie had a radical spontaneous Awakening of Consciousness, while going about an ordinary Hawaiian day as a Professional Artist and housewife. It happened on a business call while on her way into the kitchen to get a drink of water.  
Within 3 months, her life in Hawaii abruptly ended and she was thrust out onto the road to learn with Spirit as her Teacher with only two suitcases.  She was reeling from the full explosion of psychic abilities, and the sudden awareness of subtle energy. Full blown empathic skills, with heavy cording to many others and the ability to see multidimensionally which had turned her life into utter chaos, dissolving her previous life and twenty-year marriage in a rapid domino effect.  
She would spend the next 3 years living out of a suitcase, navigating by the quiet whisper of Spirit as she unlearned and re-remembered. It was a time of epic heights of bliss and depths of devastating suffering as the egoic structure was humbled and Spirit retrained the body and mind.  
5 years from the awakening day she landed the whole experience on the tarmac of the 3D and began Service through Love to Others. 
Her Service now includes many offerings, energy blueprints and ways to help people evolve their consciousness. She helps people increase their Love quota and move from 3D awareness to 5D awareness. Angie is a healer of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She also manufacturers tools and items to assist those on the Path to higher levels of consciousness. 

Contact: 808-285-0047 

[email protected]


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