Healing Your Inner Parts

Inner child 

This part is the one that shows up most often with my clients I work with. We work through memories of love, more accurately not love, not being enough, being unlovable, and other memories that leave us with a heavy heart

Learn to connect with this part of you, hear them, nurture them, and offer solutions that were available when you were younger.

Inner Nurturer

This part of us needs to learn how to receive.  My clients, who are givers, have a hard time embracing this part of them.  Receiving is something we have to learn to actively allow ourselves to do.  

Learn to identify this part and respond to it’s needs in ways that feel fulfilling and wholesome.

Inner God/Goddess

This part carries our connection to our divinity.  It is the part that helps us rise to our highest frequency allowing you to overcome lower vibrations that you experience in this world. 

Learn to work with this part, so you can gain from it’s wisdom and experience to guide you toward your destiny

Inner Warrior

This part helps you stand strong and fight when you need to. Unfortunately, this part tends to unconsciously be overutilized. Those who become familiar with this part of them, learn how to manage feelings of anger, and have a remarkable decrease in feelings of fear around being taken advantage of and needing to protect themselves. 

Learn to connect with this part of you to feel like the commander of your army.

Inner Critic

This is the voice most frequently chattering in our minds.  This part can be developed from one source or can be a conglomeration of sources from throughout our lives. 

Learning to connect and nurture this part, allows you to change your internal dialogue and free you from negative thoughts and beliefs you battle.

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